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Modern design and UX for UBRD

01 Aug 2014

In early spring 2014 Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) publicly launched their new online bank. We started from the scratch in August 2013 and a little more than one month later bank employees were able to login and make some payments. We kept constantly adding new features iteration by iteration and in four months later the new online bank was ready for public launch.

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Our mobile banking solutions got noticed in Russia. Well noticed.

07 Jul 2014

Markswebb Rank&Report analytics agency in Russia just released their 3rd annual ranking of Russian mobile banking solutions. Both of our customers in Russia - Bank Saint Petersburg (BSPB) and Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) - were well represented in the results.

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Never miss a final game again

Aivar, 04 Jun 2014

“Gosh, it’s the football final tonight and i have to skip it because i have to be … ” - have you found yourself in this situation before? We in Codeborne were in this situation in summer 2010 having scheduled our company summer days exactly for the football World Cup final. Problem was serious as we did not want to cancel the summer days, rescheduling was complicated and we wanted to see the football. Techno freaks, as we were, many good ideas came into mind.

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How Starman got a remote control in mobile

15 May 2014

Due to intense competition and rapidly changing telecommunications market, Starman (top 3 Estonian cable and internet provider) was looking for a development partner who could quickly adapt and change development directions with them when the situation required. For the company, time to market was not only a textbook term, but everyday phrase - luckily for us as well.

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