We grow businesses using tech excellence + industry expertise

Reshaping industries

We have worked with energy, fintech, telecom, ecommerce, med-tech, government administration, start-ups and other businesses helping to achieve their challenging business goals.

100+ different information systems built and delivered
75+ customers over the time
Geographical reach: Estonia, Japan, Luxembourg, USA, Norway, Czech Republic, UK, Poland, Albania, Moldova, North-Macedonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania

We have helped 2 countries to adapt to the energy market deregulation. This includes onboarding of all market players - connecting customers, suppliers and energy producers.

We have also built a core system for a gas retailer in Tokyo to handle hundreds of thousands of customers.

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We have built numerous internet banks from scratch. Rewritten core systems for multiple financial institutions. Built end-to-end loan systems with expansive decision making engines. Helped fintechs expand their business to numerous countries, multiplying their customer base and turnover.

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We have developed set top box software, web-based TV-viewing experience and self service portals for Estonian companies.

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We have built tailor-made e-commerce solutions for companies whose business growth is being limited by the out-of-the-box software limitations. An Amazon-like solution from scratch. A multi-country, multi-language flower courier solution.

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We have pioneered innovation across sectors - from cross-border financial insights to reshaping energy markets and online healthcare. Our experience extends to startups, guiding them from inception to thriving success.

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How we work

Pair programming

Our pair programming approach fosters creative design, enhances software quality, and accelerates development, reducing overall project costs.

Daily software delivery

We deliver functional software daily, right from the first week of the project, fostering a rapid and consistent pace of progress.

Direct customer communication

Codeborne's programmers communicate directly with customers, eliminating the need for project managers or analysts.

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Join our team

We are software craftsmen and craftswomen. We don't hire analysts, testers, project managers, nor simply programmers.

Our people can create quality software from beginning to end. We have a passion for it. Codeborne is the only true extreme programming company in the region.

Come and join us for an experience of a lifetime you can't find elsewhere! Curious to learn more?

Discover what life is like at Codeborne, or get in touch with us!


We are the creators of open-source libraries Selenide and MobileID Java interface. We have also written several modules for Play Framework.

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How to reach us

By car

  1. Nearest parking is located in F parking house with a free first hour

  2. Exit the parking building to the pedestrian street
  3. Head to the red brick building with a door to Codeborne

On foot

  1. Codeborne office is within walking distance from the airport (6 min), tram (8 min) and bus stop (6 min)
  2. When on Sepise street, head to the red brick building with a door to Codeborne