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We built a virtual power plant for Alexela, a leading energy company in Estonia.
The virtual power plant uses real-time data to intelligently manage electricity production, storage, and consumption.
The virtual power plant aims to provide a financial benefit to customers who direct their surplus energy to the grid. Also, it ensures that customers do not face any risk to their security of electricity supply when participating on the energy market.
We upgraded the market-based pricing platform and introduced Smart Charging to make electric vehicles (EVs) charging more efficient.
Together with Spotty, we transformed their system, enhancing customer and back-office interfaces to improve overall user experience across Austria. We also updated the customer onboarding process as well as the day-to-day energy prices tracking.
Building on Spotty's early adoption of spot-based pricing, we developed the Smart Charging feature for the Spotty mobile app. This lets customers charge their EVs during cost-effective periods, significantly reducing expenses and enhancing sustainability.
In less than a year, built an end-to-end loan system from scratch for a newcomer in the banking market.
Within the loan system, implemented a very powerful decision-making engine, integrated to various internal and external systems to retrieve required data.
Enabled the bank to join SEPA Instant payments system.
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Shared Research
We built a financial research writing ecosystem which enables access to Japanese financial market to English speaking investors.
Built ecosystem includes
  • Writing platform where writing, translation, publishing and work management takes place
  • Public web where customisable research is shown and investor-company communication is held
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Japan, Gas and electricity supply company
Customer information system (CIS) to run gas and electricity supply business
Customer and contract management, subscription management, tariff management, invoicing and handling of different payment methods, debt management, gas equipment safety check and certification management.
CIS built by Codeborne is very flexible and robust so it is used by a number of Tokyo Energy Alliance utility companies.
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Our own estonian Amazon. Ecommerce store similar to an actual market combining products from many shops in one platform.
Shoppers get to shop at many stores at the same time without the hastle of having to go through many checkouts.
Astri platform includes PAAS(platform as a service) for small merchants. Small merchants can sell their products alongside other products from different companies.
Estonia, telecommunications company
We brought time machine, recording and movie rental to the TV experience. This seems common now, but at the time this was state of the art.
Before Android and Apple TV there was a thing called TV set-top box. We made today's normality happen with features like recording and time machine at a time where it seemed unrealistic and impossible. This meant low level C programming with limited hardware capacities.
On top of that we brought the TV experience to the phone. You could do the same things from phone like when watching TV which was a game changer at the time.
Luminor Pension
Full-scale self-service system for planning and managing pensions.
Project vision came from a pension planning idea for all customers. If I want to have a pension of 2000 euros, then what do I need to do to achieve that.
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Estonia, flower shop and delivery
Flower shop and delivery ecommerce platform
  • Multi country
  • Multi language
  • Multi currency
  • Multi delivery
  • Multi florist
Iute Credit
Moldova, Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Developed MyIute hybrid desktop/mobile app to boost the consumer crediting business that was launched in all the countries the company operates.
Built a new loan core system to support the long-term expansion plans and to offer wider variety of services and products on different markets.
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Revamped the entire mobile experience for private and business customers for the top locally owned bank in Estonia.
Among other features, integrated Transferwise payment into a bank application in 2016, the first such implementation in the world.
DSO in Estonia, 95% of market share
Smart-meter rollout covering 100% of the country. Collecting all energy consumption data in Estonia.
Monitoring DSO network and service quality via the parameters smart meters are reporting. For example, detecting supply problems and managing field workers based on the smart meter data analysis(SLA calculations).
Real-time smart-meter connectivity analysis in order to detect PLC communication quality. Based on this actual data the business decisions are taken about investments what type of smart-meter communication must to installed in certain locations.
Monitoring and data analysis grid/substation/trafo-station service quality. Based on that investments into the grid development are done.
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Estonia, remote medical testing
Developed telemedicine platform and apps to carry out remote COVID tests.
During COVID our solution reduced medical personal overload by allowing patients take covid tests themselves.
Remote medical test taking is cheaper, faster and can be done from the convenience of your home.
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Norway/Worldwide deployment
User Experience design and front-end user interface development for the leading Virtual Account Management solution by Tieto.
From UI development, it evolved into building the system itself.
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Transmission System Operator, Estonia
Built the central data hub and orchestrated the onboarding of all market participants enabling the Estonian electricity energy market deregulation in 2012 and connecting all the energy customers, suppliers, and energy producers.
The data hub stores every electricity metering point consumption time series data, both grid and supply contract info and orchestrates the market participants' activities with the business rules defined by the regulation.
Codeborne built the the data hub so robust and flexible that some years later the same platform was used to set up gas energy market data hub.
Elion (now Telia)
Estonia, telecommunications
Created Telia self-service platform.
We developed a classical telecommunications company self-service covering products from billing, services subscriptions and more.
Telecomunication software development schema
Poland, Germany and Estonia
Whitelabel BNPL(Buy Now, Pay Later platform)
Paywerk solution allows anyone to start BNPL business in 4 weeks.
As an add on we gained extensive experience in ecommerce platforms while building integrations(PrestaShop, WooCommerce).
Paywerk buy now, play later UI
Eesti Energia
Estonia, The largest local energy company
Codeborne engineers have built the self-service system serving more than 700 000 customers.
The self-service system features the whole customer management cycle from signing an electricity contract, reporting the consumption, tariff management, invoicing, contract changes and subscribing for auxiliary services.
It also features energy efficiency calculator, taking into account every single customer energy consumption patterns, price packages, heating systems and house dimensions. Based on that we calculate and offer different ways on how to save energy - suggestions include switching price plans, upgrading heating systems and even to installation of PV panels, local electricity storage and use of EV.
Home energy optimiser calculator
Estonia, Solar energy and integrated solar roof manufacturer
3D modelling tool to plan PVs on the roof tops. The goal of the system is to calculate and give suggestions of the profitability of the installation.
The calculation features geographical location, rooftop shape/size/tilting auto detection, climate and even shadow analysis to give accurate estimations.
The system also calculates precise cost base and technical specification of the installation. For example, wiring schemas, inverter positions etc.
The value of the system is increased sales as non-solar-roof-experts can easily plan and calculate the whole solar roof project themselves.
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Developed a new core bank system to support business expansion for an established player in the Estonian consumer credit market.
Migrated all existing businesses from various systems, including sophisticated credit card business.
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Gridio optimises elecricity usage and automatically smart charges your electric vehicle at the best time.
We co-funded Gridio and gave them a kickstart which they have evolved further from.
Gidio app on mobile and desktop devices
Bank of Saint Petersburg
Russia, pre 2022
Internet and mobile banking for private and business customers on one platform in one of the top private banks in Saint Petersburg, serving today more than 2M customers.
Our solution enabled the bank to increase online deposits from 0 to 60% and small credit applications from 0 to 70%.
Massively improved the usability to operate with state-driven document flow for corporate customers.
Developed the new generation fully native mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms.
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Czech Republic
Internet and mobile banking for private and business customers for a newcomer in the Czech market to improve its market share in the target market segment.
Fully adaptive design for all kinds of screen sizes.
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