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Online bank in 2 months - using our API

Tiit, 04 Apr 2016

There are 2 main approaches integrating online banking with back-end systems - directly or via API. Our first projects were based on direct integrations. Now we offer our API as an alternative for integration.

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Digital signatures - Estonia vs Russia

Tiit, 14 Jan 2016

While developing online banks for Russian customers, we started to appreciate even more the work done with digital signatures in Estonia. Implementing this functionality in Russia is not so trivial.

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Why IDEA is better than Eclipse

Andrei Solntsev, 16 Mar 2012

At Codeborne we use Intellij IDEA as a Java IDE. Yes, we pay money for IDEA Ultimate Edition, and we beleave it's worth it. This article describes why we think...

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Keep API simple

Andrei Solntsev, 11 Apr 2011

I want to share a success story of designing a simple API, when the problem seemed to be complex at first glance. Recently we got a task. We had to...

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javax.smartcardio and EstEID

Revo, 30 Oct 2010

Since Java 1.6 you can communicate with any smart card you wish by using the Smart Card I/O API defined by JSR268. In this post EstEID is taken as an...

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Unit-test evolution

Andrei Solntsev, 29 Oct 2010

This is an example of unit-test evolution which I presented on recent workshop.Let's consider 3 revisions of the same unit-test class.This is the first revision of this class: public...

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Datatype for account ID

Aivar, 25 Oct 2010

What is the best datatype to store account IDs? Number? String? No! The correct answer is XMLGregorianCalendar . private XMLGregorianCalendar accountID; public XMLGregorianCalendar getAccountID() { return accountID; } public void...

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Partial mocks

11 Jun 2010

Suppose we have this class: public class Foo { int getA() { return 42; } int getB() { return 1; } int getC() { return getA() + getB(); } }...

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