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Debugging Intellij IDEA Performance Issues

Jaan Sepp, 08 Aug 2019

All of a sudden our work with the Intellij IDEA platform started to feel sluggish. Each code change caused delays that lasted multiple seconds. Observing the cpu activity we saw...

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Oracle DB in Docker

Anton Keks, 15 Mar 2019

Just in case anybody will need it in the future. Note that Oracle no longer provides images of Oracle XE and if you build your own for 18c, it will...

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Using DBDeploy in Gradle

Andrei Solntsev, 27 Sep 2012

As you probably know, DBDeploy is a tool for easily and automatically installing database changes. And Gradle is a next-generation build automation tool (like Ant and Maven). The question is,...

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SoapUI Tests with Ant+Ivy

Andrei Solntsev, 17 Apr 2012

Do you like quest games? Everybody likes! Today we had to play one. It's name was "run SoapUI tests with ANT script". SoapUI is de-facto number 1 tool for testing...

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How to use Mobile-ID in Python

Anton Keks, 24 Nov 2011

Mobile-ID (Mobiil-ID) is a personal mobile identity in Estonia and Lithuania, provided by an additional application on a SIM card. The good thing is that it is backed by government and...

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Keep API simple

Andrei Solntsev, 11 Apr 2011

I want to share a success story of designing a simple API, when the problem seemed to be complex at first glance. Recently we got a task. We had to...

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