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Pair programmers at work

Pair programming

Two engineers working together enrich each other's skills and are more effective at tackling technical challenges and business problems.

This collaboration results in higher quality software design and implementation, along with improved efficiency in getting things done.

Software developers programming

Technical excellence

At Codeborne, we prioritize technical excellence through clean code, test-driven development, and thorough research into alternative solutions.

Our commitment to implementing robust and sustainable solutions without cutting corners results in fewer bugs and fewer resources spent on support.

UX designers designing a prototype


Prototyping is our preferred technique for validating business ideas, identifying project challenges, and facilitating a seamless transition to development.

By using high-fidelity prototypes with functional designs, we deliver realistic user experiences in line with our commitment to precision-engineered solutions.

Codeborne team

Environment for growth

Codeborne's weekly Technology Exchange (TeX) hours promote continuous learning and improvement through knowledge sharing.

We allow time for individual Research and Development (R&D) days, emphasising the importance of both shared and independent learning.

Work in progress in Codeborne office

Our structure

At Codeborne, we have a unique structure with no project managers, analysts, or testers. It's just developers and UX designers.

This structure enables effective client solutions with the right technology and consistent high quality delivery through deep software and business understanding.



We prioritize the professional development of our people through our school fund, collaborative pair-programming, and mentoring of interns such as Vali IT students.

Combined with Research and Development (R&D) days and weekly Technology Exchange (TeX) hours, these opportunities ensure continuous growth and improvement for our people.


Our office offers a comfortable environment with a terrace, a well-equipped kitchen, showers, convenient cycle parking and a dog-friendly policy. And yes, mornings often start with a steaming bowl of porridge. You'll also find us gathering for a delicious office lunch on the last Friday of every month.

We also offer sports and health compensation, weekly HIIT workouts, and engage in activities such as a craft beer club and table football.

Meet our people

Software developer Myroslava

I cherish working with diverse tools and projects spanning different domains at Codeborne.

My experience at Codeborne has been truly valuable, as I've seen remarkable growth in myself along the way.

Myroslava Stavnycha

Software developer

Software developer Andrei

I love working at Codeborne very much. There are many things that are quite special here.

Most people know that we use extreme programming, including pair programming, in our work. However, my main focus remains on achieving technical excellence, and I do that every day.

Andrei Solntsev

Software developer

Software developer Jaan

Fresh out of university, I was drawn to pair programming, finding each new project to be a fresh adventure with diverse clients and technologies.

Following best practices, technical freedom and continuous learning keep me confident to take on any challenge.

Jaan Sepp

Software developer

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Working agile

Every now and then we get a question, what does Agile working arrangement that you guys preach, really mean? As we truly believe in it and practice it daily, we will take a look at our everyday life.

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