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Hi. Make payment. Bye.

Maris, Erkki, 11 Jun 2018

You ask your friend in Facebook Messenger “Hi. How much do I owe you for yesterday’s pub race?”. And then you make the payment right there, without even switching apps....

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Rätsepatööna tehtud tarkvara pole vaid suurtele

Codeborne, 08 May 2018

Meie juurde tuli Eesti start-up ettevõte, kel oli idee, mis peaks kõige eelduste kohaselt lendama: Eelarve koostamine ei pea olema raketiteadus. Eelarvestamist tajutakse aja- ja töömahuka protsessina, aga seda on võimalik inimlikumaks ja mugavamaks muuta.

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Toomas, 09 Nov 2017

Tõeliselt agiilne tarkvaraarendusprojekt avalikus sektoris? Bürokraatia kadalipu tõttu tundub see paljudele võimatuna. Kuid siiski sündis Maksuradar - kuidas?

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Working with numbers can be easy

Codeborne, 03 May 2017

Estonia is only 45,339 km2 with 1,32 million people living here and on average 28 people/km2. Comparing with Germany for example where 227 people must share their space on one sq. km, we think we have quite enough room. But You know what – we still have over 200 local municipalities organizing our local life and resources.

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Online bank in 2 months - using our API

Tiit, 04 Apr 2016

There are 2 main approaches integrating online banking with back-end systems - directly or via API. Our first projects were based on direct integrations. Now we offer our API as an alternative for integration.

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Modern design and UX for UBRD

01 Aug 2014

In early spring 2014 Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) publicly launched their new online bank. We started from the scratch in August 2013 and a little more than one month later bank employees were able to login and make some payments. We kept constantly adding new features iteration by iteration and in four months later the new online bank was ready for public launch.

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Our mobile banking solutions got noticed in Russia. Well noticed.

07 Jul 2014

Markswebb Rank&Report analytics agency in Russia just released their 3rd annual ranking of Russian mobile banking solutions. Both of our customers in Russia - Bank Saint Petersburg (BSPB) and Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) - were well represented in the results.

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Online bank from the scratch in five months

Anton Keks, 14 Mar 2013

Recently, here at Codeborne, we created an advanced online bank for Bank St. Petersburg from scratch in just five months. This mid-size Russian bank is a major player in its home city and region. We decided to share the details on how we did this project, and also to talk about some of the implementation details.

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