Articles about electricity

Smart business decisions from smart meters

Tiit, Toomas, Tarmo, 16 Dec 2014

Estonia is currently half-way through a project replacing all 700 000 electricity meters with smart meters. For end consumers it obviously means no more trouble reporting readings in the end of the month. But the actual goal is to free network operator from the meter read collection hassle and build low-voltage network heartbeat monitoring. We at Codeborne are heavily involved in developing systems like that.

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Where do I spend my electricity?

Aivar, Tiit, Jarmo, 29 Sep 2014

Where do we spend electricity? Good question, which usually does not get a quick answer. In the best case we know the size of monthly energy bills and that’s it. While working with self-service solutions for Estonian Energy and Elion smart home project, we got personally interested in the topic. Likewise we wanted to understand, can we actually save by consuming smarter and buying electricity with prices tied to power exchange.

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