Articles about agile

Driving agile development using a prototype

Tiit, Erkki, 12 Aug 2019

A short while ago we built a system in a completely different industry than we have had been involved so far. This time it was for Henley & Partners, a worldwide expert in the citizenship and residence matters.

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Online bank in 2 months - using our API

Tiit, 04 Apr 2016

There are 2 main approaches integrating online banking with back-end systems - directly or via API. Our first projects were based on direct integrations. Now we offer our API as an alternative for integration.

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Working agile

Tiit, 10 Aug 2015

Every now and then we get a question, what does Agile working arrangement that you guys preach, really mean? As we truly believe in it and practice it daily, we will take a look at our everyday life.

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How Starman got a remote control in mobile

15 May 2014

Due to intense competition and rapidly changing telecommunications market, Starman (top 3 Estonian cable and internet provider) was looking for a development partner who could quickly adapt and change development directions with them when the situation required. For the company, time to market was not only a textbook term, but everyday phrase - luckily for us as well.

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