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I love learning new programming languages

Mikk, 30 Jul 2020

There is an opening at Codeborne. For experienced software developers who wish to continuously become better in their craft. For those who would like to work intensively in a pair programming setting, learn continuously new technologies, and write really clean and good code. To give them a bit better idea what it is like to work at Codeborne, we asked a few of our colleagues what they think. This is the interview with Mira. She is originally from Ukraine but has been making waves in Estonian tech field for a decade already. Before joining Codeborne a year and a half ago she developed for Fortumo and several other companies. During her time at Codeborne she has worked on projects for a Japanese energy company, a very successful Estonian start-up, and a Russian bank.

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Technical excellence is my self-actualization

Mikk, 29 Jul 2020

It is a rare moment. Codeborne is actively looking for experienced software developers who would like to create high-quality software to help our clients. The work environment in Codeborne is unique so we have asked some of our senior developers to tell what it is like to work at Codeborne. Andrei has been at Codeborne from the beginning. In more than 10 years he has worked on 15 projects. Andrei has also been leading the development of Selenide - a widely used open-source framework for concise UI tests in Java. He also presents at conferences around the world.

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Pair programming brings the joy of flow

Mikk, 28 Jul 2020

Codeborne is on the lookout for a few exceptional experienced programmers to join the team. To give you an idea of how unique it is to work at Codeborne, we interviewed a couple of our senior developers. Jaan has worked at Codeborne for 9 years. He has worked on more than 15 projects with clients from Estonia and abroad. Unexpectedly, Jaan has also learned to understand Russian while working extensively with one of our Russian clients.

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Как развернуть интернет-банк за 2 месяца через наш API

Tiit, Kirill, 04 Apr 2016

Существует две возможности для интеграции интернет-банка с внутренними системами банка: напрямую и через наш API. В наших первых проектах мы делали интеграцию с системами банка напрямую. Но теперь появилась альтернатива - интеграция через наш API.

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Подробнее об agile методиках разработки программного обеспечения

Tiit, Elina, 12 Jan 2016

Довольно часто мы слышим вопрос: в чем же заключается этот agile (гибкий) подход к работе, который вы проповедуете в вашей повседневной жизни? Мы действительно верим в его принципы и сейчас приподнимем завесу над этой тайной.

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How Starman got a remote control in mobile

15 May 2014

Due to intense competition and rapidly changing telecommunications market, Starman (top 3 Estonian cable and internet provider) was looking for a development partner who could quickly adapt and change development directions with them when the situation required. For the company, time to market was not only a textbook term, but everyday phrase - luckily for us as well.

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