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Not only a Java house

Codeborne, 07 Jan 2021

If you meet IT folks out there, very likely the general perception about Codeborne is “a Java house”. Is it true?

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I love learning new programming languages

Mikk, 30 Jul 2020

There is an opening at Codeborne. For experienced software developers who wish to continuously become better in their craft. For those who would like to work intensively in a pair programming setting, learn continuously new technologies, and write really clean and good code. To give them a bit better idea what it is like to work at Codeborne, we asked a few of our colleagues what they think.

This is the interview with Mira. She is originally from Ukraine but has been making waves in Estonian tech field for a decade already. Before joining Codeborne a year and a half ago she developed for Fortumo and several other companies. During her time at Codeborne she has worked on projects for a Japanese energy company, a very successful Estonian start-up, and a Russian bank.

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Technical excellence is my self-actualization

Mikk, 29 Jul 2020

It is a rare moment. Codeborne is actively looking for experienced software developers who would like to create high-quality software to help our clients. The work environment in Codeborne is unique so we have asked some of our senior developers to tell what it is like to work at Codeborne.

Andrei has been at Codeborne from the beginning. In more than 10 years he has worked on 15 projects. Andrei has also been leading the development of Selenide - a widely used open-source framework for concise UI tests in Java. He also presents at conferences around the world.

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Pair programming brings the joy of flow

Mikk, 28 Jul 2020

Codeborne is on the lookout for a few exceptional experienced programmers to join the team. To give you an idea of how unique it is to work at Codeborne, we interviewed a couple of our senior developers.

Jaan has worked at Codeborne for 9 years. He has worked on more than 15 projects with clients from Estonia and abroad. Unexpectedly, Jaan has also learned to understand Russian while working extensively with one of our Russian clients.

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Pair programming during quarantine

Tiit, Jaan, 11 May 2020

Pair programming is a strong part of our DNA. 10 years in the business as Codeborne has proved it works and works well. And then the COVID-19 locked us all in our homes. What next? Easy, we continue the same way, programming in pairs. How is that happening?

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Creating our own Estonian Amazon

Tiit, Erkki, 28 Nov 2019

E-commerce is a topic that we have not covered in our blog so far. Despite this, we have been actively involved in this industry for years already, creating something special. We believe this unique solution will challenge even the great Amazon 😉

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How we crafted a loan e-service with a powerful decision engine

Tiit, Erik, 06 May 2019

In early 2018 Coop Pank, a newcomer in the Estonian banking market was looking for partners to build a new loan system. The old system was not fulfilling all their needs. We thought - we know banking and we are ready for new challenges. We got the mandate to build it.

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Doing business in Japan

15 Oct 2018

The common understanding here in the Nordics is that doing business in Japan take a lot of time and cultural differences might not be possible to overcome. It may come...

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Hi. Make payment. Bye.

Maris, Erkki, 11 Jun 2018

You ask your friend in Facebook Messenger “Hi. How much do I owe you for yesterday’s pub race?”. And then you make the payment right there, without even switching apps....

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Working with numbers can be easy

Codeborne, 03 May 2017

Estonia is only 45,339 km2 with 1,32 million people living here and on average 28 people/km2. Comparing with Germany for example where 227 people must share their space on one sq. km, we think we have quite enough room. But You know what – we still have over 200 local municipalities organizing our local life and resources.

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Digital signatures - Estonia vs Russia

Tiit, 14 Jan 2016

While developing online banks for Russian customers, we started to appreciate even more the work done with digital signatures in Estonia. Implementing this functionality in Russia is not so trivial.

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Working agile

Tiit, 10 Aug 2015

Every now and then we get a question, what does Agile working arrangement that you guys preach, really mean? As we truly believe in it and practice it daily, we will take a look at our everyday life.

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Smart business decisions from smart meters

Tiit, Toomas, Tarmo, 16 Dec 2014

Estonia is currently half-way through a project replacing all 700 000 electricity meters with smart meters. For end consumers it obviously means no more trouble reporting readings in the end of the month. But the actual goal is to free network operator from the meter read collection hassle and build low-voltage network heartbeat monitoring. We at Codeborne are heavily involved in developing systems like that.

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Where do I spend my electricity?

Aivar, Tiit, Jarmo, 29 Sep 2014

Where do we spend electricity? Good question, which usually does not get a quick answer. In the best case we know the size of monthly energy bills and that’s it. While working with self-service solutions for Estonian Energy and Elion smart home project, we got personally interested in the topic. Likewise we wanted to understand, can we actually save by consuming smarter and buying electricity with prices tied to power exchange.

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Modern design and UX for UBRD

01 Aug 2014

In early spring 2014 Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) publicly launched their new online bank. We started from the scratch in August 2013 and a little more than one month later bank employees were able to login and make some payments. We kept constantly adding new features iteration by iteration and in four months later the new online bank was ready for public launch.

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Our mobile banking solutions got noticed in Russia. Well noticed.

07 Jul 2014

Markswebb Rank&Report analytics agency in Russia just released their 3rd annual ranking of Russian mobile banking solutions.

Both of our customers in Russia - Bank Saint Petersburg (BSPB) and Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) - were well represented in the results.

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Never miss a final game again

Aivar, 04 Jun 2014

“Gosh, it’s the football final tonight and i have to skip it because i have to be … ” - have you found yourself in this situation before? We in Codeborne were in this situation in summer 2010 having scheduled our company summer days exactly for the football World Cup final. Problem was serious as we did not want to cancel the summer days, rescheduling was complicated and we wanted to see the football. Techno freaks, as we were, many good ideas came into mind.

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How Starman got a remote control in mobile

15 May 2014

Due to intense competition and rapidly changing telecommunications market, Starman (top 3 Estonian cable and internet provider) was looking for a development partner who could quickly adapt and change development directions with them when the situation required.

For the company, time to market was not only a textbook term, but everyday phrase - luckily for us as well.

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OCRing in Style

Jarmo Pertman, 03 Jan 2014

Recently, during our weekly Technology eXchangE (TeX) meeting, Erik organized a short Code Kata event. The problem we had to solve was "OCR". We had to parse input similar to this:

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Online bank from the scratch in five months

Anton Keks, 14 Mar 2013

Recently, here at Codeborne, we created an advanced online bank for Bank St. Petersburg from scratch in just five months.

This mid-size Russian bank is a major player in its home city and region. We decided to share the details on how we did this project, and also to talk about some of the implementation details.

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Codeborne at TopConf 2012

Andrei Solntsev, 01 Nov 2012

This year two of us talk at TopConf conference at Tallinn Olympia hotel! Here we are: 3 tales of testing DB-enabled apps, Anton Keks The fast and the continuous, Andrei...

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We are back in Tallinn

Alvar, 12 Aug 2012

It is time to return to our cozy office. Tomorrow morning we will have the daily stand-up meeting in our office again. There were things to be done better, this...

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Estimate your skills!

Andrei Solntsev, 22 Apr 2012

Every developer wants to estimate his skills. One way to do it is to ask a test task for applying some job, even if you are not actually going to...

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MobileId and Selenide demo in Devclub

Andrei Solntsev, 11 Apr 2012

Codeborne has presented its open-source projects MobileID and Selenide in Devclub. We did a demo application showing how to use both libraries: mobi.codeborne.com/ Project source is available in github. Video...

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Why IDEA is better than Eclipse

Andrei Solntsev, 16 Mar 2012

At Codeborne we use Intellij IDEA as a Java IDE. Yes, we pay money for IDEA Ultimate Edition, and we beleave it's worth it. This article describes why we think...

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Codeborne enters the open-source world

Andrei Solntsev, 13 Feb 2012

Recently Codeborne started two open-source projects. Today we finally uploaded binaries to the central Maven repository, so now everyone can use them just by declaring dependency: Mobile-ID Mobile-ID is a...

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RIP OpenSymphony

Alvar, 01 Jun 2011

Trying to browse my way to OGNL reference, a sad greeting awaited on the OpenSymphony page. Apparently it has been decided to put OpenSymphony to rest. Many of the projects...

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About hiring new people

Erik, 06 Apr 2011

One of our partners today pointed out this blog post as good indication of what younger people on the job market look for in a prospective employer. I initially wanted...

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Is Linux As Secure As You Think?

Jarmo Pertman, 04 Mar 2011

When working in environments where Linux and Windows operating systems are used together you have probably encountered discussions in the lines of "which one is more secure?". One of the...

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Ping-Pong Programming life coding session

Anton Keks, 28 Feb 2011

Erik's and Anton's Ping-Pong Programming live coding session from Agile Saturday IV event is now available online. Watch how a bowling point calculator is being developed by two programmers using...

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New office

Aivar, 28 Jan 2011

We are moving to our new office next week. Come and pay us a visit! Address is almost the same - Lõõtsa 6, 2nd floor.

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Mobile-ID payments

Aivar, 10 Jan 2011

Check out how Codeborne has designed a new way to pay with your mobile phone.If you want to see a real-life demo, give us a call!

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javax.smartcardio and EstEID

Revo, 30 Oct 2010

Since Java 1.6 you can communicate with any smart card you wish by using the Smart Card I/O API defined by JSR268. In this post EstEID is taken as an...

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Unit-test evolution

Andrei Solntsev, 29 Oct 2010

This is an example of unit-test evolution which I presented on recent devclub.eu workshop.Let's consider 3 revisions of the same unit-test class.This is the first revision of this class: public...

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Datatype for account ID

Aivar, 25 Oct 2010

What is the best datatype to store account IDs? Number? String? No! The correct answer is XMLGregorianCalendar . private XMLGregorianCalendar accountID; public XMLGregorianCalendar getAccountID() { return accountID; } public void...

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Unit tests introduction

Anton Keks, 27 Aug 2010

We, at Codeborne, take testing very seriously.Testing your code is the only way to guarantee quality and be confident that your masterpiece actually works. Here is a small introduction to...

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Partial mocks

11 Jun 2010

Suppose we have this class: public class Foo { int getA() { return 42; } int getB() { return 1; } int getC() { return getA() + getB(); } }...

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Clean code is of ultimate value

Anton Keks, 04 Jun 2010

Apart from our own talk on clean code given by Erik Jõgi during the last  Agile Saturday event, we have stumbled upon a very good presentation by Bob Martin on InfoQ,...

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Another news article

Anton Keks, 03 Jun 2010

Another news article about Codeborne appeared on e24.ee about former Swedbank employees founding their own IT company.

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An article about us in Estonian

Anton Keks, 28 May 2010

Ülemiste City in Tallinn, the area, where our office is situated, has published a news article about our company. http://www.ulemistecity.ee/est/uudised/?newsID=2464

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Launching soon!

Anton Keks, 20 Feb 2010

Now official!  We are several developers with background in Swedbank IT, highly experienced in development of internet banking and other areas. We are comitted to developing software using the Agile...

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Anton Keks, 29 Jan 2010

Thanks for visiting Codeborne. There are lots of stuff that will start happening here, stay tuned!

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