Anton Keks
15 Mar 2019

Oracle DB in Docker

Just in case anybody will need it in the future.

Note that Oracle no longer provides images of Oracle XE and if you build your own for 18c, it will be more bloated (8Gb) compared to Oracle Enterprise 12.x images (2Gb for slim)

Here is a script to run it:


echo "Oracle container registry will now open in the browser."
echo "Please navigate to Database/Enterprise, then login, select language and accept terms and conditions before you can download Oracle images"
echo "This will be effective for the next 8 hours"
read -p "Press enter to continue"

echo "Now login via Docker"
docker login

# add '-slim' if you don't need APEX, will save ~1.5Gb
docker run -d -it --name oracle-db -p 1521:1521
# default SYS/SYSTEM password is 'Oradoc_db1'
# connection string: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521/ORCLPDB1.localdomain

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