Codeborne has an out-of-office work week! Alvar, 06 Aug 2012

The idea of "moving the work out of the office" has been intriguing us at Codeborne for some time already.

For us, the hardcore pair programmers and software craftsmen, this cannot mean waking up at 11 AM and spending the day at home, in a pair of slippers - we just have to work together and communicate. 

That led us to the inevitable conclusion - if we want to switch environments, it must happen together as well. This spring, we devised a plan:

  • Rent a cabin for ourselves and our families
  • Move all our operations there for a week
  • Get to know each other even better
  • Spend quality time in fresh air and have fun
  • For our customers, make it look like nothing has changed - if not for the good, with all the inspiration flowing

And here we are! Despite a few (expected) issues with getting online, we have finished our first working day here in southern Estonia. 

Stay tuned for updates! We will be posting about our thoughts during and after the event.