Andrei Solntsev
13 Feb 2012

Codeborne enters the open-source world

Recently Codeborne started two open-source projects. Today we finally uploaded binaries to the central Maven repository, so now everyone can use them just by declaring dependency:


Mobile-ID is a client library for Java and Scala - you just need to write few rows of code to use Estonian Mobile-Id authentication.

<dependency org="com.codeborne" name="mobileid" rev="0.9.1"/>


Selenide is a library for easy using of Selenium WebDriver for automated tests in Java.

<dependency org="com.codeborne" name="selenide" rev="1.0" conf="test->default"/>

Follow github links for more documentation, examples and source code. Both libraries are already used in real projects, so be sure that they work.

We are sincerely waiting for your critics, suggestions and bug reports.


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