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We will understand your business goals and define the software functionality together.

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You can go live with real customers within a month!

Train to work the agile way

Agile is not black magic. We can train you to work like we do.

What our clients say

„They write good code“

TransferWise, Kristo Käärmann, CEO

日本でもここ数年、アジャイルという言葉をよく聞くようになったけど、アジャイルメソッドを本当に理解している企業に、私はまだ出会ったことがない。本当に導入したければ、こういう企業とまずは協業してみること。CEOのToomas Talts氏は、アジャイルメソッドの普及にも心血を注がれているので、トレーニングも受け入れてくれる。はず。

Kosaku Yamaguchi

„Codeborne created for us a new contemporary customer portal and finished the project before deadline and under budget. We are very happy with the result“

arvato Financial Solutions UK, Bryan Mouat, CEO

„There is a problem with Codeborne - they work too fast!“

Pixamo, Atle Esperum, CEO

„Codeborne has the boldness of startups to take on tough work,
and established skills to deliver the results.“

Sertifitseerimiskeskus, Kalev Pihl, CEO

„A thinking and proactive team with strong background.
They do your thing as if it were their own.“

Eesti Energia, Martin Sokk, E-business development manager

„I cannot imagine what could be done better during this project.“

Gilbarco Autotank, Veiko Aasa, CTO

„It was truly an excellent training [...] But their working habits and
the resulting quality was what left the deepest impression.“

Proekspert, Taavi, Software Developer

„Codeborne keeps you in touch with reality. Sometimes it even hurts,
but you will see great results if you keep going.“

Elion, Rain Rang, Head of IT Development

„Codeborne can code what many other companies in Europe do not even know
how to research. Fast. Impressed with the quality of work, the timeliness
of delivery, and the communication. High five!“

EnglishLab.Net, Anastasia Andros, CEO

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We are software craftsmen. We don't hire analysts, testers, project managers nor simply programmers. Our people can create quality software from beginning to the end. We have a passion for it.

Codeborne is the only true extreme programming company in the region. Come and join us for an experience of a lifetime you can't find elsewhere!


We are the creators of open-source libraries Selenide and MobileID Java interface. We have also written several modules for Play Framework.

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