• Software development company
  • Developing with agile* principles
  • Working closely with the customer
  • Deliver working software from day 1
  • Helping others with delayed projects
  • Training to work the agile way

* Agile methodologies are based on iterative and incremental development, meaning that the customer can constantly be aware of the project's progress and see working software.


  • Sertifitseeri­miskeskus

    Kalev Pihl

    Codeborne has the boldness of startups to take on tough work, and established skills to deliver the results.

  • Swedbank

    Mart Ambur
    Loans area manager

    Fellows at Codeborne get things done. With passion.

  • Eesti Energia

    Martin Sokk
    E-business development manager

    A thinking and proactive team with strong back‐ground. They do your thing as if it were their own.

  • Gilbarco Autotank

    Veiko Aasa

    I cannot imagine what could be done better during this project.

  • EnglishLab.Net

    Anastasia Andros

    Codeborne CAN code what many other companies in Europe do not even know how to research. FAST. Impressed with the quality of work, the timeliness of delivery, and the communication. High five!

  • Proekspert

    software developer

    It was truly an excellent training [...] But their working habits and the resulting quality was what left the deepest impression.

  • Elion

    Rain Rang
    Head of IT development

    Codeborne keeps you in touch with reality. Sometimes it even hurts, but you will see great results if you keep going.